Environmental Toxins And Your Health

Do You Know Your Risk?

When it comes to environmental toxins, we’re all at risk. None of us can entirely escape the dangers of chemicals present in our environments. The good news is there are steps we can take to limit our exposure.

Step one is knowing which chemicals to avoid. Join us for Environmental Toxins And Your Health on Tuesday, March 23rd as we explore common environmental toxins and explain the health risks they pose. We’ll also provide tips on ways to reduce your exposure to various toxins.

With incidents of chronic disease on the rise, it’s more important than ever before to know your risk and limit your exposure to toxins. From chronic fatigue to feeding cancer cells, this is your opportunity to learn about the effects of common toxins and find out what’s lurking in your home!

Meet The Facilitators of Environmental Toxins And Your Health

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Hosted by:

Dr. James Wagner

It’s Time to Put Your Health First

You work hard to maintain your health, and now it’s time to go one step further. During this experience, you will gain the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your health from disease-causing chemicals.

Functional medicine gets to the root of issues rather than merely masking symptoms. This is how we put you and your health first. Too many conventional practices fail to recognize or lack the ability to examine environmental toxins as a cause of poor health.

We’re ready to help you put your health first. Take the first step and join us on Tuesday, March 23rd to learn how to protect your health from environmental toxins.

We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Tuesday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm EDT!